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The Inheritance

A couple in their 50's came to HCM for counseling after receiving a $1.2 million inheritance from his father's estate. They came to us with no idea how to simplify their new found wealth or organize it in a way that would best meet their goals.

The large estate consisted of a taxable investment portfolio with a large number of equities and municipal bonds. In addition to these new assets, they were already handling a number of their own investment and retirement accounts.

We developed an appropriate investment combination meant to achieve sustainable income, capital preservation and growth.

We were able to:

  • Consolidate their accounts to create a clear picture of their financial net worth
  • Determine their risk tolerance and current level of income
  • Discuss their lifestyle needs and goals.

With a trustworthy, knowledgeable HCM Wealth Advisor to rely on for guidance, and the right portfolio diversification in place, they were able to feel secure about their future. We also provided a referral to an estate attorney to revise their wills, powers of attorney, trusts and healthcare directive documents which needed updating since the significant inheritance.

Once the estate was settled, the couple was able to spend their time remodeling their home, doing some traveling, and contributing more time and money to charitable causes. Contact HCM at 513.598.5120 if you have questions about organizing your investment portfolio or preparing properly for your own estate.

This scenario is intended to illustrate services available at HCM and is not intended to be a testimonial or endorsement and is not intended to necessarily represent the experiences of other clients.