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P&G Profit Sharing Trust Navigator

HCM Specialized Tools for P&G Employees

Your P&G Profit Sharing Trust is one of the most important retirement assets you hold. The flexibility it provides gives you critical planning opportunities to help maximize your "Retirement Paycheck" for the rest of your life. The HCM PST Navigator™ can help you decide:

  1. If you should leave your retirement assets with Great-West Financial (formerly J.P. Morgan), roll them into an individual retirement account (IRA) or take shares out of the plan to capitalize on the opportunities available for Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA).  One of the most important factors in this decision involves  your age at the time you plan to begin taking distributions: 
    • before age 55
    • between age 55 and 59 ½
    • after age 59 ½
  1. How to take advantage of the tax environments where your other retirement assets are held. This is important because, with appropriate distribution planning, you have an important opportunity to arrange your retirement portfolio to give you a lifetime of tax efficient income.  If all of your retirement savings are currently in the PST or other tax qualified accounts, it's important to determine if you should take this opportunity to fund additional tax environments as part of your distribution process.
  2. Based on how both well-funded your retirement income plan is and your comfort level with holding a concentration in P&G stock, determine if you should use P&G stock as part of a long-term plan to efficiently fund your charitable giving and Family Legacy goals.  This could create an added benefit of providing additional tax efficient income to you during your lifetime.
  3. If you should utilize the Zero Basis Rollout Method (a.k.a. Frank Duke Method) to reduce or eliminate income taxes and potential early distribution penalties on shares distributed to you directly from the Plan.
  4. If the Zero Basis Rollout Method is not appropriate for you, should you create a strategy to utilize the benefits of traditional NUA planning?