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Managing By Herself

We received a call from a client that her husband had passed away suddenly. Before he passed, she had depended on him to manage the family investments; therefore our client faced the overwhelming and stressful task of managing all of the finances on her own.

We found out during the planning process that she wanted to feel more confident about understanding and handling her investments. The HCM process included evaluating her true spending habits and cash flow; making adjustments for taxes and inflation, and calculating the necessary income level needed to pursue her desired lifestyle.

Rather than being afraid of investment risk, our risk tolerance discussion allowed her to understand risk as the price of higher expected returns. Using our software planning tools, we were able to answer her "how am I doing?" question, and leave her feeling informed and in control of her financial future.

As a client of Hengehold Capital Management for over twelve years, the topic of money and finances no longer causes our client any anxiety. She has worked hard to secure her financial independence and she has planned a legacy for her children and grandchildren. She now enthusiastically recommends HCM to all of her friends and acquaintances. Contact HCM at 513.598.5120 if you want to find out how you are doing.

This scenario is intended to illustrate services available at HCM and is not intended to be a testimonial or endorsement and is not intended to necessarily represent the experiences of other clients.