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HCM Advance and Defend™ Portfolio

Managing Risk in a Complex Market

The HCM Advance and Defend™ portfolio is a strategy Hengehold Capital Management designed for clients who understand the benefits of global diversification and want someone to manage the downside risk and exploit the upside potential. The objective is to participate in advancing secular bull markets and to limit adverse portfolio effects in sideways to negative secular bear markets. The tactical nature of Advance and Defend™ allows the HCM Investment Committee to include a wide range of style and strategies with a focus on total return over long-term market cycles.  

A large playbook and broad range of investment options are utilized. The HCM Advance and Defend™ portfolio combines fundamental and technical research to create a client specific portfolio designed to enhance risk adjusted return.

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  • Disciplined risk management balancing upside potential with downside risk 
  • Robust and repeatable investment process

Emphasis on Transparency and Communication

  • Advisors Available for Consultation
  • Rationale of Portfolio Adjustments 
  • Weekly Market Commentary 
  • Monthly Articles Published Online 
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Annual Client Letter

Investment Process

1. A Strategic Globally Diversified Core Allocation with a Flexible Tactical Overlay
The Investment Committee creates globally diversified portfolios based on asset and sector classes believed to be in long-term upward trends. The team integrates and synthesizes independent analysis with comprehensive market data such as technical, fundamental, and quantitative research as well as insights from external independent strategists.

2. Optimizing Trade Decisions 
The HCM Investment Committee utilizes multiple analysis tools and techniques to enhance investment decisions including bottom-up, fundamental analysis to determine the fair market value of assets and investments. This is then paired with technical analysis to help determine when steps should be taken.

3. Dividend Focus
When appropriate, the portfolio will incorporate securities that pay dividends to shareholders as a matter of policy. When the portfolio is adequately capitalized, it will incorporate the HCM Dividend Growth™ portfolio. This is a portfolio of approximately 30 securities selected to provide a return stream that includes both long-term appreciation and the payment of regular quarterly dividends that typically increase every year.

4. Monitoring Investment Decisions
The Investment Committee continually monitors the investment process including:

  • Fund performance 
  • Fund managers 
  • Market trends
  • Macro and Micro factors affecting the global economy

Trading Implementation

  • Tax location investing
  • Rule-based rebalancing
  • Tax efficient security selection
  • No-load Mutual Funds
  • Commission free ETFs when applicable

Investment Objective

  • Investment Horizon: Full Market Cycle (typically three to seven years) 
  • Investment Minimum: $100,000
  • Benchmark: ACWI All World Index and US Aggregate Bond 
  • Investment Objective: Growth and Income