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Let's Be Realistic: Build Some Failure into Your Investment Plan

| May 24, 2016
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Learning to accept uncertainty by building failure into your investment process makes a lot of sense. When investing, learning how to accept short-term failure is actually a good way to avoid long-term failure. In my podcast, I tell the story of Annie Duke. Anyone who plays poker, knows the name Annie Duke. She took an interesting road to become a World Series of poker champion.

Assuming that you're never going to fail or "going all in" with 100% certainty is a recipe for a large failure. You'll end up compounding mistakes by overreacting because you didn't plan for a poor outcome. Investors with truly diversified portfolio are always going to dislike something that they own. Buy-and-hold investors in the stock market know that they are going to experience a drop in value at times. And no investment strategy is bulletproof.

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