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Company Buyout Offers: The good and the bad

| May 18, 2016
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It's been common place in recent years for companies to make buyout offers as part of company restructuring programs. When you’re offered an attractive package to leave your job, does it make sense to reject the offer? The answer: Maybe 

Over the years, many companies have offered substantial buyout offers to reduce their expenses by reducing their workforce.
For would be retirees, the single biggest mistake is accepting a buyout without first developing a comprehensive income and investment plan that realistically accounts for retirement risk.

Often, there is a large amount of money but no planning.

There could be risks in both accepting and rejecting a buyout offer. Don’t make decisions out of fear. Consult a financial planner before making any decision. If you’d like help setting up your retirement plan, please contact Casey Boland via email [email protected] or 513-598-5120.

Date Posted: 05/18/2016 Advice provided in this article is meant for educational purposes only and financial education is important to us. Before making decisions regarding your personal financial situation, please consult an advisor or conduct your own due diligence. If you would like to discuss your Retirement Income Plan with an HCM Wealth Advisor, please give us a call – 513-598-5120. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we serve clients in 23 states, and we’d love to help.

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