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Newsletters and Mike's Letters

Quarterly Newsletters and Mike's Letters 

2016 October Quarterly Report

Articles include:

Read the Full Quarter Report here.

Letter from Mike - October 2016

2016 July Quarterly Report

Articles include and read the full Quarter Report here.

Letter from Mike - July 2016

2016 January Quarterly Report

Articles include: Is it Time to Care for Your Aging Parents?, Tax Efficient Asset Locations Using HCM’s Tax Location Matrix™, and Important Deadlines for 2015 1099s. Read the full newsletter here.

Letter from Mike - January 2016 Markets of all shapes and sizes limped across the finish line at the close of 2015. Read more here.

2015 3rd Quarter Newsletter

Passing It On - What I Wish I Knew When I Was 30-Something. The Power of Compounding and Why You Should Start Saving Early.  Read more here.. 

Mike 2015 3rd Quarter Letter

Last quarter fire works finally gave us our long awaited stock market correction.  Read more here.

2015 2nd Quarter Newsletter

Volunteering in Retirement, Estate Management Checklist and Financial Check-up for 30-Somethings. Plus firm news and upcoming events.  Read more here.

Mike 2015 2nd Quarter Letter

Mike introduces Peggy Gruenke as the firm's new COO, upcoming events and 2nd quarter market observations: Equities, Fixed Income and the Full Cycle View.  Read more here..

2015 1st Quarter Newsletter

Topics include Tax Bracket Management for Retirement Distributions, Sources of Income To Fund Your Retirement and Your Emergency Fund: How Much Is Enough?  Read more here

Mike's 2015 1st Quarter Letter

As an Ohio native, like most of our clients, I have a real appreciation for the beginning of Spring.  I enjoy the smells, the sounds and the hints of warm, sunny sailing days ahead.  It is a time for new beginnings and opportunities.  As we move into Spring, there have been many changes and new opportunities at HCM.  Read more here.

2014 4th Quarter Newsletter

Topics include: Budget Checkup: Tax Time Is the Right Time, A Common Retirement Distribution Pitfall: Failing to Reinvest RMDs You Don’t Need, and Document Retention: Where Should I Keep It, and When Should I Get Rid of It?  Read more here.